The day I died my spirit left my body, my spirit began to roam around an unknown town. In this town everyone is so good as wealth, they have a market, mall, beautiful house and even get married. It’s called where the dead lies, unknown to me I never knew I was dead.

Before I died, the only thing I remembered was my lovely wife Famatta serving my favourite meal, Okra soup with cow meat and fufu. We were discussing how I would send money to her family for the new house for them.
Well, eating and discussing with my wife I began to hold on to my chest and cry out for help but my wife just sat on the chair with a smile on her face watching me die.

I love my wife so much, right from the day I came to the village that Christmas day to inspect my newly built house,
Famatta was strolling down the road with her friends, her beauty captured my eyes and heart, and the way she talked made me believe she was more exposed than her village friends.

Since then I vowed to make her my wife, I got to know Famata and ensured our relationship was solid. Her family liked me, each time I came to visit I made sure I bought lots of goodies for them.

My family never liked Famatta, they never wanted someone from a poor background stain their legacy. They tried to stop me from getting married to Famatta, but I objected. I loved Famatta so much and I never wanted anything to stop the relationship we had.

I made Famatta my wife anyway and we have been happily married for 3 years, so I thought. Famatta told me she wasn’t ready to have kids, she wanted me to give her more time, and I agreed.

I wouldn’t force the woman I loved to do something she isn’t ready for. The thought or remembrance of my wife Famatta k! lling me was the hardest thing to Believe.
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