The day I died (Episode 2) -

The day I died (Episode 2)

The day I died—Part 2
The day I died—Part 2
The day I died—Part 2

Just as I tried to settle down in the town, a man in BLUE walked up to me. In this town people where four different colors, people who wear WHITE are known to never have a second chance to life, they are blessed to remain deād and enjoy paradise.
The ones who wear BLUE are known to be great messengers, they can help you deliver messages to your loved ones or friends. They are best known to have lived a good life on earth, a life without doing evil to others.
The ones who wear green are known to be given a second chance at life. Some of them are roaming around this town but their bodies are on earth, either coma or in the mortuary. Regardless of where their bodies are they are granted a second chance to live again, change their old ways and make amends with the people they hurt.
The ones who wear black are known to have lived a very bad life without repentance. They chose the wrong side of life and they continue to suffer in the dark abyss for the wrong they did to others on earth.
I was just sitting calmly when a man in BLUE approached me, I thought he wanted to take me somewhere but we just at and talked.
“What do think about yourself now that you are here?”, The man in BLUE asked.
“I don’t know, I don’t even understand this place”, I replied.
“This is the home of souls, every soul lives here. For many decades souls have lived here, but Ike your soul is troubled and it doesn’t belong here”, the man said.
I was shocked at how he knew my name, and his right my soul was troubled. I was putting on green which means I can get a second chance to live a happy life.
“Yes my soul is troubled, I miss my family and my wife”, I replied.
“You miss your wife? The same wife that killed you?”, He asked as his voice thundered.
“Yes I do, I think she didn’t do it intentionally”, I replied.
“Hmm okay then follow me”, the man said, I stood up and followed him to a clean building which was just a stone’s throw away.

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